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  Zhang Xuemei, female, Han, college degree, a member of Communist Party of China, she started work in 2008. She had been the inspector of Guangdong Province Zhongshan Zhongshun Paper Group Co., Ltd.,? appointed little village official in September 2009, served as assistant director of theDayakou village,Enyang municipal Bazhong city, and now she is vice secretary of Party branch of Dayakouvillage, statistician of Yin Jia townEnYang District. In April2012, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she also hided from the villagers to work, and took part in preventing from the flood after operation. In 2013, her condition deteriorated, when she knew metastases had devolved the lung and bone, she wrote to Bazhong city en Yang District Party committee secretaryovernight to report the village several major challenges......

Name:   ?  Zhang Xuemei

Birth Date:      12/1986  

Birth Place:       Sichuan Province Bazhong City

Ethnic Group:    Han

Nationality:           China

Politics Status:  Communist

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