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Yin Jia town is one of the most remote villages and towns of en Yang District, DayaKou village is the most remote village of Yinjia town, bordering with Langzhong County and Yilong City, and it is "covering three counties", there are more than 120 poor families in 406 households.
In 2009, 4 college students village official came to Yin Jia town, Zhang Xuemei was one of them. When the Secretary of countryside Party committee Zhang Yong told her worriedly that she was assigned to the most remote DaYakou village, she said?
"I grew up in the rural areas from childhood, rest assured, I am not a picky person!"
"This sentence is very impressive." Zhang Yong said. After a month, Zhang Yong was more sure of the new college graduate village official, because Zhang Xuemei submit a research report entitled "thinking about the present situation and outlet of the DayaKou village" to Zhang Yong , which mentioned the traffic and industry of DaYakou village.
In Zhang Yong's view, situation analysis and development suggestions are informative and factual. "I think the girl made great efforts, it seems that this month she had traveled each and every family in the village, she is a thoughtful, hard-working young girl."

Going among the masses: summed up the "three types"mass work method
"The masses suggestions are not terrible, the terrible thing is that we can't treat the right advice of people ."
Zhang Xuemei was the first college student village official in Da Yakou village. There is? village official in the village, the villagers feel curious, but they believe that the villageofficial is sure to "increase experience", she must go after a period of time, and maybe even don’t know the village boundary at that time.
However, after a long time, the villagers set their mind at rest, "Xue Mei is a good village official who is not afraid of hardship work !"
The villagers began to change attitude when Zhang Xuemei repaired the road. In November2010, Dayakou village got the road hardening projects. But how to solve the problem of lack of money? Fundraising thing was stuck on the meeting. So, the village cadres had to separate to homes to do the work. When the tasks were assigned, Zhang Xuemei got moreactively.

The villager Zhang Dexiao was not willing to pay at the beginning, he said that he had walked the mountain road for more than 60 years, the son and daughter-in-law were working outside, and they had no car, so it is not important to harden the way. Zhang Xuemei didn't give him a reason, but very patiently said, "why it is not important? Many Years ago, you once carried the big pig to the street to sell, the pig was killed on the halfway. If the road is hardened, the car directly open to come over to pull a pig, this kind of circumstance will disappear"after he listened such explanations, Zhang Dexiao readily promised to pay. In the interview, Zhang Dexiao said the reason, "i had to lift the pig before selling, Xue Mei's explanation helped me solve the problem."

Now the village opened the highway between Langzhong city and Yilong county, sales of agricultural and sideline products is more convenient.
Zhang Xuemei and Zhang Dexiao family communication is not the case, in the long process of communication with the masses, Zhang Xuemei summed up the "three types"mass work method, namely family communication, contrast accounts, participation service. Let the people become insider from a bystander."

The reason why she made these proposals is that Zhang Xuemei thought, "The masses suggestions are not terrible, the terrible thing is that we can't treat the right advice of people ."
In order to promote the villagers' income, after some investigations, Zhang Xuemei proposed that to change the abandoned orchard to Chinese herbal medicine. At the completion of the online search information, selected items, self-study technology, marketing project and a series of work, at the beginning of 2011, a more than 100 acres of medicinal garden was built in DaYakou village. With the efforts of Zhang Xuemei and other village cadres , these years there have been many changes in DaYakou village: most of the roads in the village have been hardening; the village water supply station is built; the village school, village health stations are all repaired; the village has more and more industries, the Chinese herbal medicine planting garden, cattle farm and Asparagus Planting base are all being built......



We always see her
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In order to the village development,
she rushes around with village cadres .

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