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She is seriously ill, but optimistic, always thinking of how to return the society.
Because she love to laugh in the nature, so Zhang Xuemei has a beautiful name in Yin Jia town? -- "smiling angel". However, God played a joke with the "smiling angel": in 2012 April, Zhang Xuemei was diagnosed with breast cancer. A bolt from the blue! Zhang Xuemei did not believe, her husband Zhang Quanbao also didn't believe, all the people who knew her didn’t believe, and they also can not accept this reality! Zhang Quanbao checked the relevant material on the computer, there was almost no one got this kind of disease in the country in her age. But the reality is so cruel, every review showed that it was cancer! "When she was 26 years old, we've only been married two years, how can I accept this reality?! In those days, we lived in dark life." Zhang Quanbao said, " Xuemei was opened. She advised me to say, since it is a reality, we should gladly accept, we can not grasp tomorrow, cherish today, I still want to be your wife in my next life ." On July 28, 2013, Bazhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine found the cancer of Zhang Xuemei had spread to the lungs.

One good return deserves another. The story of Zhang Xuemei has aroused the people in the community. The District SecretaryLiang Jinhua commissioned the people toa deliver the care to Zhng Xuemei who was accepting treatment in Third Military Medical University Southwest Hospital in Chongqing. The organization cadres in District Organization Department take the lead for her contributions, coordinating the District Civil Affairs Bureau to take her as a serious illness relief object, and combined with the District Women's Federation and the Mission District to donate to her. Mayor Ceng Dahua gave her the book and a yogurt machine.
"Every day some kind people sent short messages and donate to us." Zhang Quanbao said." there are also a lot of kind people in society, they let me feel the warmth and strength." Zhang Xuemei said, "if i can alive, I should help more people who need care and help."

Chen Xiaoying had breast cancer, Zhang Xuemei came to the door to comfort her: "as long as we don’t give up,we will be better and better. Medical technology is so advanced now, maybe it will be better soon." And took the doctor's prescription for her, told her where can buy these medicine. In June this year, Zhang Xuemei saw a blind person with difficult life on TV, she said to Zhang Quanbao: "my lungs are bad, but my eyes and heart are good, "if I was died, I would like to donate my organs, let others look this wonderful world with my eyes, with my heart to perceive the warmth of the community......"

Zhang Xuemei's condition is worsening, her hair began to drop, she is always wearing a thick cotton, walking hard, when she was talking, she always pressed the chest with her left hand. However, she is always smiling, so the people give her a beautiful name -- a smiling angel.
While she was struggling with the disease, she was concerned about the development of DaYakou village, in August 20, 2013, she wrote a letter to Party Secretary Liang Jinhua: "I have been looking forward to do morefor the village, but my physical condition seems to be not allowed. I don't want to leave regret, please give your attention to DaYakou village at a convenient time."
Her dedication and strongare derived from her loyalty to the party. In September 26, 2012, in the extremely bad conditions, she is adhered to finish the party application, the village document generation helped her reading it, and became the official Chinese Communist party.

Villagers took Zhang Xuemei in to be treated.   Zhang Xuemei was together with children in village   Face with her life with optimism
Face with her life with optimism   Audience was moved by her spirit   Villagers visited Zhang Xuemei
Village elders love Zhang Xuemei  

Zhang Xuemei’s boundless optimism inspires all
those she contacts.


Many people’s visits has provided Zhang Xuemei with the warmth from the outside world.

Many people’s visits has provided Zhang Xuemei with the warmth from the outside world.   Du Juan, works at Enyang Education Bureau, brought Zhang Xuemei “condolence money”  

The units organized spontaneously to offer the compassion to Zhang Xuemei

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