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Even though she is poor, she is happy in doing good, never afraid to help others. Zhang Xueme wrote “The rose's in her hand,the flavor in mine.”carefully in the flyleaf of notebook.? The forth group villagers in Xia Su Village Li Junzhuo is the people who had been helped by? Zhang Xuemei.
In July2011, Zhang Xuemei saw a young woman with swollen hands when she went tohelp Dayakou villagers.
Zhang Xuemei went to talk with her actively, through the conversation, she knew that this woman named Li Junzhuo, who was suffering from uremia without money, and the husband was working outside, she hadno dialysis for a week, so she can only rely on a syringe to drain. The kind-hearted Zhang Xuemei was sad after heard the things, immediately borrowed 100yuan from? the colleague Yuan Jiaxiang to Li Junzhuo, let her go to the hospital. The morning of August 3rd, Zhang Xuemei and colleagues set up the stage for Li Junzhuo collection in the Tianfu Street Yin jia town. In the afternoon, she consignedcadres in Su village to take the raised 3060 yuan to Li Junzhuo. Later, Li Junzhuo said, it was the money that she did 5 times dialysisagain, gave her hope of life. "Our family monthly income is only 3000 yuan, in order to buy a house to get married, their families have had a debt of about 100000 yuan. Although the condition in the home is not good, if who have difficulty, as long as she knows, she will help them."Zhang Xuemei's husband, Zhang Quanbao said, "this kind of help never stopped, not only because of her illness.”
In May2012, Zhang Xuemei accepted the modified radical mastectomy of breast cancer and continuous chemotherapy in Bazhong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After Li Junzhuo knew they were in the same hospital, she bought a box of milk to visit her. Pale face and wrapped with gauze of the upper part of the body, let the happy girl have changed. Li Junzhuo just wanted to comfort her, but she could not say a word with tears. When Zhang Xuemei saw Li Junzhuo, weak body had a little spirit, and comforted her: "medical condition is so good now, uremia is not incurable disease, we must live well." While Li Junzhuo was on the toilet, she let mother quietly put 200 yuan in Li Junzhuo's backpack. Send Zhang San 100yuan, gave Li Si 50yuan...... And her monthly salary is only 1500 yuan, the annual funding of others is 1000 yuan. Zhang Xuemei said: "the money is not much, I just want to give them a little warmth." the patient Yuan Jiaxiang in Yinjia town office who has diabetes mellitussaid: "Zhang Xuemei is a good girl, she often helped others and never took care of herself."
"Now I feel more and more weaker, i want to leave money as love fund, I should care more people who need care and help." In March 25th, Zhang Xuemei was lying in bed, wrote her name in the donation agreement with a trembling hand, offered 30000 yuan to set up the "Zhang Xuemei love fundation".

The first page of Zhang Xuemei’s? notebook

Zhang Xuemei suffering from cancer, put her hand in her pocket and established the “Love Foundation”


Zhang Xuemei helped with Zhang Yan’s lessons,
whom she funded by her.


During her illness, Zhang Xuemei offer her help and
support for Wu Jie, who is an orphan.

  Encourage Wu Jie go study hard

Helped and enlightened a patient
who’s suffered a similar setback.

  Care for old woman, Lei Xiuying   Li Junzuo who were helped, told the stories of Zhang Xuemei

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