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Even though she is an ordinary person, she always insisted to take the initiative to do things carefully.
In 2009, 23 years’ Zhang Xuemei was appointed little village official to be village director assistantDayakou village Yin Jia town .
It is not easy to leave the village, many people don’t understand why she entered into the rural society again after she graduated. The classmates laughed at her without pursuit. Mother was in tears: "I worked hard to send you to college, but you went back to the countryside again......"
"without pursuit? NO! I want to go to the countryside for a number of years, proving services for the villagers with my knowledge." Zhang Xuemei said.

Zhang Yong, the secretary of the township Party committee ,recalls: In the winter of 2011, the information of disabled would be input into the national information system. Time was tight, the task was heavy, the demands of the work were high, we were not willing to undertake the work. But Zhang Xuemei had volunteered. During the day,? management system platform was busy, records could not be input, Zhang Xuemei went to the door to door in the village. At night, after she returned to the bedroom, she borrowed a coal stove, opened the computer, began to inputthe information. In winter, the night of town is cold and lonely. Zhang Xuemei often worked late into the night until 2:00 am or 3:00 am, sometimes even working the whole night. When she was cold, she just put hand on a hot stove roast; when she was hungry, she just bubbled a bowl of instant noodles; when she was sleepy, she pinched the nose and pulled the eyelid with hand. One day, at 4:00am in the morning, mayor Ceng Dahua got up to go to the toilet, but he saw the lights of Zhang Xuemei’sare lightening, so he had a look and saw she is concentrating on working, and asked with concern: "why are you get up so early?" Zhang Xuemei was startled and replied: "I wasn't sleeping."it is such a diligent girl, through her half a month of hard work, information of 362 households of the disabled are fully completed, and it was highly appreciated by the urban disabled.

"do the things activelythat others are not willing to do, do the things by heart that others can not do."is Zhang Xuemei's life creed.
It was family reunion time in The 29th of the twelfth lunar month 2011.Zhang Xuemei received a call from the home office director Zhang Bo Bazhong city telephone at 9:00 in the evening: "someone is about to go to the countryside to re submit a marriage certificate, and they have to go to work in Shenyang in the second day. I have something now, can you come here?" Zhang Xuemei let her husband Zhang Quanbao rode the motorcycle to Yin jia town at once. With the dazzling fireworks and the wind, after more than 1 hours of journey, they arrived at the office, resubmit a marriage certificateenthusiasm for Yang Bo and Zhang Wei.
Yang Bo couple was moving when they saw Zhang Xuemei have to work for themselves in new year's Eve, so they determined to invite them to have dinner. Zhang Xuemei said: "thank you, I am very happy that i can bring convenience to you." Give people convenience, give yourself happiness. It is with this idea, Zhang Xuemei worked in the Yinjia town for 5 years. In 5 years, no one can remember how much sorrow she has solved, but we all remember her "logion" -- work has no difference in itself.

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