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Our Webpage works won the award in website games in 2012 and 2013 years, and got Platinum Award and Gold Award in cyberFair , everyone is encouraged, after all, we got the good result through producing Webpage by ourselves, when ever heard it before, not mention to do. The cyberFair will begin in September this year, our teacher signed us up on the computer. All of us were busy, with the guidance of teachers, we immediately formed a group with 6 people, carefully understood this year's contest requirements ". With the teacher's guidance and help, we try to make a web page independently, although we found it was difficult, after all, it was a challenging task, so everyone in our team was excited, and immediately entered the study status of item.

  Zhang Xuemei was selected the college student village cadre in 2009 September, served as assistant director of Dayakou village Enyang district Bazhong city, during her service as assistant director of Dayakou village Enyang district Bazhong city, she mobilized the masses with other village cadres to build highways, adjust the industrial structure, care the health of the villagers and education of students, do a lot of work for the villagers, and be praised by each leading comrades and the people. The main reason why we selected her to make a web page is that we mainly want to promote her wholeheartedly for the people, selfless dedication, preoccupied with other noble quality, though our ability is limited, we believe that, in this way, we can show the spirit to the friends from all over the world, to convey our respect to Xue Mei, at the same time, we also hope that through this way of propaganda, let more people understand the advanced deeds of Xue Mei, let more people learn from her, to be a good citizen of the new era.


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