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Date Project Content
2014.9.4 Team up, Confirm the subject of project, We composed a team of 2 teachers and 3 students the theme of the project was defined as “Wait for when pediment is brilliant, she laugh in the clump”.
2014.9. Sign up on line, Teacher sign up for us on line.
2014.10.1-10.8 Search information about Zhang Xuemei on internet, have digital camera and DV at the ready,

Collected Zhang Xuemei’s stories, Borrowed teacher’s digital camera and school's DV


Confirm the person we will visit, first interview,

We contacted Dayakou villiage branch secretary and the village head, asked both of them to be our interviewee, and Dayakou villager, village government official would like to be our interviewee. The village department was the place we visit.


Reproduced photos,

Cooperation in the group, Yuan Linying, Zhang Ruolan and Cai Haiyan were responsible for writing up our visits, Bai Anfeng and LeiChaowen were responsible for images collecting and processing.

2014.10.30- 2014.11.7

?Sort out various materials,

Teacher reviewed our reports, and instructed us to process images.

Stop by the classrooms to widespread Zhang Xuemei’s moving stories,

5 members stopped by classrooms to make publicity.

webpage making

Use of extracurricular activity time and two-day weekends to make webpage more guided by our teachers

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