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Our team is composed of six members,

A guidance teacher? (Yuan Fengwu)? and

five students:Bai Anfeng (15 years old),

Zhang Ruolan (13 years old),Cai Haiyan

(14 years old),Yuan Linying(13 years old),

Lei Chaowen(14 years old),After more than

60 days of hard work, finally completed the


Yuan Fengwu   Cai Haiyan   Zhang Ruolan
Bai Anfeng   Lei Chaowen   Yuan Linying
The feeling of competition:

Cai Haiyan: through this activity, Xue Mei have left in my mind, she worked hard on the ordinary post, and made an extraordinary achievement, wholeheartedly for the                       people, we should learn from her!

Zhang Ruolan: This is my first time to join the project website making, through this activity, I learned more about living role model stories, learn a lot which never                            learned on the book, this activity is very meaningful, I strive for more in later

Bai Anfeng: Through this activity, I have a deeper understanding of Xue Mei: she dare to play, sacrifice, willing to help others, she is indeed an outstanding college                        students village government official!


Lei Chaowen: Last year I participated in Cyberfair, this is my second time to participate in, the most deeply feeling for me is: the computer is amazing, if they can be                          properly used, it will be our good helper, I must study hard.

Yuan Linying: Through this interview activities, I become brave, walk out of the narrow world, see the colorful world, i benefit a lot, not only broaden the horizons, but                           also enrich my knowledge.

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