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In teachers’ office, student Cai Haiyan organized the students to watch the video of sister Xuemei.

In the spare time, Bai Anfeng stopped by the class rooms and told sister Xuemei ‘s stories to classmates.

After the story out, Yuan Linying organized students to carry on a discussion.

In order to let more people know moving deeds of Xue Mei, understanding her selfless dedication, benevolent actions and the noble quality, our team made a decision: to share our? nearly two months experience withschool classmates, we respectively went to each class to advocate this spirit in a variety of forms, especially the sprite that she do not care about personal gains and losses, have the courage to play, willing to sacrifice, and like to help others. Through this activity, our ability of communication with the students are improved, and we also shared our achievements with the students .
Through nearly a week of hard work,most of the students in the school have the further understanding for Zhang Xuemei, five students in our team have basically completed the task, and achieve the expected goal. School principals and teachers gave a high evaluation to our actions. Although this week we all felt very tired, this kind of harvest makes us feel extremely satisfied, we all have a strong sense of achievement.

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