Chuanju (Sichuan Opera) is one of opera drama in southwest, formed in the mid Qing Dynasty, popular in Sichuan Province, Chongqing City, Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province and parts of Hubei province. As to the opera tunes, Sichuang opera has 5 styles, Gaoqiang, Kunqiang, Huqing,Tanxi and Dengdiao.It differs from other opera in that the tune of Gaoqiang is very high.


Famous repertoire

Sichuan Opera repertoires are various, it is said that "there are three thousand plays in Tang, eight hundred in Song, uncountable plays in three nations”.


the traditional repertoires have "five Robes" ("green robe down" "remember" yellow "White Robe" remember "red" "green gown"), "four columns" ("PengTianzhu", "crystal" "branding column" "five column")




Face-changing is one of the special Sichuan opera performances, which reveals the inner thoughts and feelings of characters, invisible, abstract emotion and psychological state become visible image -- Facial masks.

The techniques adopted in face-changing roughly fall into three ways: smearing, blowing and peeling, in addition, there is a form of Qigong


Project narrative

Through the interviews for old folk artists and cultural museum expert,study the origin,development,characteristics of Sichuan Opera deeply,we not only deeply feel the unique charm of Sichuan Opera


About us

Although our strength is very thin, we will do our best to convey the charm of Sichuan Opera to our students, our community, and we not only do it on language, but also do it in action.


My show

Through the research of more than one year, we have a deep understanding of Sichuan Opera, just at the end of 2013, our school has a literature evening party, I decided to put Sichuan Opera as the performance form