Music and song

Sichuan opera is consisted of Kunqu, Gaoqiang, Huqin, Tanxi and Dengdiao five tunes. Among them, except the light modulation system is originated from the local, the rest are introduced by other areas. It is showed with the five tunes, gongs, drums, piano, flute, suona and other forms of music. Sichuan opera learns widely from others' strong points, it absorbs nutrition of the national opera, combined with the Sichuan local language, sound, music, become the local opera music with diverse forms, rich melody, rigorous structure, different style.
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The music

Sichuan opera is characteristic. The percussion is very wonderful, Sichuan Opera percussion gongs and drums is the most outstanding, it sounds strong, rhythm is distinct and changeable, the tune is characteristic, brand is very complex, diverse, through five kinds of tunes, buckled with singing, doing, reading; percussion music of Sichuan Opera is the most important in content, there are many suona Qupai gongs and drums sets; Sichuan opera music used Hu Qin, playing flute tunes, Kunqu used Qudi, Huqin used small Huqin, Tanxi used Gaiban, the light opera used Mihuzi, musical styles are various with highly artistic characteristics.
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