The unique feat: face-changing

The face-changing in Sichuan Opera was one of the few bright spots in the nearly thirty years of declining trend in a local opera. The performer can continue to change more than 10 Faces in the course of the performance. Some actors also innovate with physical condition and equipment, combined with the acrobatics and juggling, it can perform lifts, jumping the fire circle, long sleeve fluttering, hiding knife, flying trapeze.

What is face-changing

Face-changing is one of the special Sichuan opera performances, which reveals the inner thoughts and feelings of characters, invisible, abstract emotion and psychological state become visible image -- Facial masks.

Evolvement of Facial masks

The beginning Facial masks are cardboard masks, after improvement, developed papyrus rendering Facial masks, it is fold with fireworks or folding fan, exposing the Facial masks layer upon layer, after the founding of new China, along with the rapid development of face stunt, the materials also become silk satin fabric, greatly facilitate the actor performance.

Facial make-up

Some unknown persons will be selected to show face-changing, including the chivalrous person, like ghosts and the others, the faces are known by the people, such as Guan Gong, Cao Cao, Bao figures are generally not used for face-changing.

Ways of Face-changing

The techniques adopted in face-changing roughly fall into three ways: smearing, blowing and peeling, in addition, there is a form of Qigong

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