The origin of Sichuan Opera can be traced back to pre Qin, and then the opera of Jiaodi in Han Dynasty laid the foundation for the early Sichuan opera. Song Yu asked the king was famous in The Warring State.
    During the Tang and the Five Dynasties period, the drama is popular, and it is the most flourishing period of Sichuan Opera. The Ming Dynasty "Sichuan Opera" Jin Guang Er class went to Jiangsu, it was sensational in Nanjing, formed competition situation.
In late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, it was known as the Huguang fill in sichuan. A variety of civil plays have spread around the Sichuan, and in the long-term development and evolution, Lantern Theatre in Sichuan as the foundation, combined with Gaoqiang, Kunqu, Huqing voice, Tanxi and other operatic tunes, Sichuan dialect, folk customs, folk music, dance, and gradually formed Sichuan Opera.
Xuantong three years (1911), Xin Hai revolution was successful. “shuqiujinshi” was on. The Sichuan Opera developed from square to theatre art, artistic and cultural taste of Sichuan Opera was promoted rapidly, become influential local operas in southwest Chinese.
in 1952, Sichuan Opera delegation organized a huge performance group, went to Beijing to attend the first session of the national opera to observe the performance, "Liuyinji", "qiujiang", "pingxuebianzong", "songxing", "wutaihuixiong" were awarded. In recent years, they also won the Plum Blossom Prize of Ministry of culture.
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Chuanju (Sichuan Opera) is one of opera drama in southwest, formed in the mid Qing Dynasty, popular in Sichuan Province, Chongqing City, Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province and parts of Hubei province. As to the opera tunes, Sichuang opera has 5 styles, Gaoqiang, Kunqiang, Huqing,Tanxi and Dengdiao.It differs from other opera in that the tune of Gaoqiang is very high. It is known very well that face-changing is the most famous skill of Sichuan drama art. Sichuan Opera is listed in the first batch of 518 state-level intangible cultural heritage on May 20th, 2006.
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