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Li Gang

    Thanks to Talent and Story Company to build a publicity platform for us. This practice improved the team's observation, practical ability, cooperation consciousness, enriched the students extra-curricular life.

Yang Sha
Team leader
    Through participating in this Webpage competition, not only broaden the horizons, but also exercise the ability of operation, let me know environment problem, I am very grateful to the teacher that she can give me this opportunity, I wish our Webpage-making contest can get a good result!
Xue Yiting
Vice-captain of the team长
    I had a rare opportunity to participate in Cyberfair project that bring us together to make us understand one another. I cherish the opportunity very much. And I firmly believe that we can get good results.
Xue Jiayi
    I am very pleased to participate in Cyberfair project. This competition not only lets me learn Webpage making but also let me learn a lot of knowledge without on the books, it also build up our will. After determining the target, the team worked together.
Wen Qian
    I am glad to join the team, it is my first time to make webpage, and learn something that doesn't exist in books but in practice.
We are weak, but we did it. Thanks for our good co-operation and efforts, I learned a lot from teammates. I am proud of my team.

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