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Rural tourism is a emerging form of tourism, a way of leisure which farmers provide city people, is a spiritual pleasure because of back to nature. The owner of farmhouse offer small bed and breakfast services for tourists. Cost less, it isn't expensive.   

The development of farm music has produced good economic benefits for promoting rural tourism, adjusting industrial structure, building regional economy and speeding up the process of agricultural marketization. Some places rely on local agricultural resources to develop a series of "farm family music". It brings not only the consumption income, but also the product information, the project information and the market information, which provides the opportunity for the development of the local economy. Peasant family music has become a "window" for farmers to understand the market and become a bridge of interaction between the city and the countryside. Tourists from all over the country have brought new ideas and ideas for the rural areas, so that farmers know the market information in time, and the production and management are in line with the demand of the market. Farmers who started farmhouse often surveyed the market demand among passengers, then targeted production, some built pollution-free vegetable bases, others started the deep processing of agricultural products.


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