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Xianyu scenic area

Mountain in Xianyu, layer and layer, are green, stones beautiful. Water in Xianyu, alive and charming, seems full of soul and clear, forming the mountain surrounded by water to hold the unique scenery which, the scenery relies on one another.

Walking forward to Baique temple scenic spot from Longtougou, Hamogou and Shiqiaogou, this place is more open, southwards through Hebeitou and climb ove Qingling into Luonan; westwards through Donggou, Mwenchagou to Wenyu and Huayu valley. The site of Baique temple is located at the foot of cliff on the west peak of Mount Hua, nestling among hills, temple complex and many caves are connected as a whole.

Walking into the path, we are flooded by the thick green, the sight of the place is green, we were scattered into the quiet boundless green like the sand, and we almost can not see the path, everywhere is full of the weeds. Though we tried to break the boundless and quiet green with exaggerated screams and laughter, the sound disappeared quickly, and in such a huge mountain, people were so tiny.。

Exotic plants and flowers, the eyes cannot take it all in. Turn around and look out, we will see the Guanzhong Plain.

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