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Yu Xian, also named Chexianggu valley, is located at the western of Mount Hua, next to Huashan valley. There is folklore: In ancient times, Huang Chuping and his brother Huang CHuqi herded goats here, and became immortal, hence its name. Valley has more than 50 miles long. A narrow winding path is narrow and quite. There are valleys in Xianyu valley with a fast-flowing river. Qianfobi is a hundred feet high cliff. Strange shaped stalactites look like a huge graven image. Walking to the 5 miles from mountain, there is a valley which blocked the way forward, and there is a feeling of impasse, after crossing the way, you can also have the feeling of hope. It's more spectacular in the watery times.
    Walking into the valley, the whole person is trapped in the beautiful scenery. A colorful long scroll is accompanied by the sound of water, spreading forward. Every turn is a picture of the new scenery. The valley is bright and beautiful, the road is steep, the stone is rocky and the scenery is beautiful.

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