Binggou Tourist Zone lies

in the southwest of Taole

County, north to the city of

Taole, 43 km far away, and

west to Yinchuan City, 35

km far away (but if you drive

along Yin-Gu Highway to

Taole from Yinchuaan, the

distance is only about 20

km long). As Provincial

Highway 203 passes

through the zone, the

transport is convenient.

It covers the area of 26 km2, situates at the scalariform area where the Ortos Terrace joins the Yinchuan

Plain. Binggou used to be a site where “Hunhuaizhang” military base situated, which was a fortress

built by Mengtian, a General of Qin Dynasty,214 B.C, while he commanded his army northwards to fight

Xiongnu (one of the nomadic minorities to the north of ancient China).



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