Some Stories of Binggou


Some Stories of Binggou

【The two heroes in Binggou】

At the end of Western Han Dynasty, Xiongnu-a nomadic pastoralist people , invaded Binggou when two generals-Qin Fang-yu and Han Sha-tong were holding their marriage. In order to guard the motherland, they immediately stopped the marriage and led the army to fight against invaders. In one-year war, these two generals died on battle field. Their followers buried them in Binggou. Afterwards, Guangwudi emperor confered these generals as two heroes in Binggou.

【Wangniangshu Tree】

In Han Dynasty, the northern barbarous nation, Xiongnu chieftain, Huhanxie became a subject of the Han Empire, he asked the Emperor to grant him a Han beauty as his empress. To consolidate the relations with the Xiongnu, Emperor Yuan acceded to the request. He chose Wang Zhao-Jun as the bride for Huhanxie. Departed from Changan, she traveled beyond the Great Wall to the land of the Xiongnu. When she reached the edge of Maowusu Desert, she realized that she would never come back in her lifetime. Her tears immediately rolled down her cheeks. In order to memorize the hometown, she scattered the seeds of date trees in Binggou area. Several years later, these seeds grew to be big tress, which faced towards west. It
seemed that these trees were looking forward to
Wangniangshu Tree
their hometown. From then on, people called these trees “Wangniangshu Tree”.

【Wu Shi-luo】

In 221BC, the emperor Qingshihuang unified China and some areas in Nixia such as Wushirong and Yiqurong became the counties of Qin Dynasty. A businessman in Wushirong called Wu Shi-luo did livestock and silk exchanging business, which influenced local economy. People there began to develop husbandry. At that time, the emperor Qingshihuang encouraged people to do business, so Wu Shi-luo was authorized to have the power to visit the emperor at any time. A businessman was recorded in history because of wealth, which was rare in history of Qin Dynasty.



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