Binggou Valley


The Grant Binggou Valley

The grant Binggou valley is a wonder, which seems to be

straight yellow earth wall. If you want to walk through the

valley, one day is not enough. You can find many natural

Chinese herbs and unknown birds there.

Binggou used to be the center of civilization in history;

however, today’s situation is completely different. The main

reason is desertification, which is caused by two factors. The

first factor is deterioration of natural environment. As the

climate in northern China is very dry, the soil is loose and the

forest is scattered sparsely. The second factor is due to

human beings. Since Qin Dynasty, Binggou was the
The Great Binggou Valley

important military defense and changed between farm land and pasture. The several times of change seriously

destroy local natural environment. As a result, the base of civilization disappeared.

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