Our Team


The Introduction of Team Mumbers and Our sound bite

This competition enhance the importance of teamwork. With other’s help, we

did a good job.

Chen Yan-zhi

The title of our project is “Entering Binggou” in 2007 Cyber Fair. In web

page making, we learn more history and culture of Binggou Site and our

hometown. I expect more people get to know our work.

Gao Cong

The deepest impression was that we took pictures in Binggou Site in sumer.

We left home at 7:00AM, took pictures in the strong sunshine and went back

at 7:30PM. We are proud of ourselves and the experience is unforgettable.

Zu Lei

In web page making progress, our team members work together to search

information, communicate one’s idea, and share our knowledge with others.

We hope more people can know about cultural relics in my hometown. As long

as we try our hard, we will succeed.

Lv Dong-zhi

In “Xia. Tian” team, each member tries his or her best in researching. No

matter we can win the prize or not, this experience is unforgettable.

Yan Yue-qin

As we choose the category “historical landmarks”, we find it difficult to

search and classify material. However, we gain help from many people. Our

web site is the best reward to them.

Chen Hai

I am very pleased to join the teachers and students of Ningxia Taole Middle

School for the project. In usual time, I am mainly responsible for looking for

and linking the benefactors for the western schools. I hope our team's work

can be successful.

Liu Guo-yuan



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