Our Imagination


Our Imagination

The city is filled with people nowadays, so human beings need to develop new area to live, such as dessert.

Gaocong said that, “we will grow plants in the dessert to prevent sand storm.”

u Dong-zhi said that, “we will design a special natural material , which is suitable for living in the dessert.”

hen Yan-zhi said that, “we should do more propganda to prevent plastic pollution. We need to form the habbit to protect our living environment.”

f we can build our home in dessert, people can feel relaxed at home after one day’s work.

The plants’complain

At night, all the plants in Binggou area got together to have a meeting. The Gugu Chicken flied from far away to participate in the meeting. Soon the meeting began.

he diversifolious poplar said firstly, “I want to tell you that some of my friends were cut down by human beings. Why they so such things?”

The wild duck complained loudly, “the Yellow River used to be our hometown, where large amount of forests
and glassland existed. Nowadays, the forests were cut down. We have no place to lay eggs. Some of my friends become human being’s lunch. Surprisingly, people even put poison in our food. I can’t believe it.”

he wormwoods said angrily, “because of human being’s destroy, we are not happy as before. ”

he Songaria Cynomorium Herb stood up, saying “I am afraid of standing up in the daytime because people will dig me out of the soil. They also destroy my living condition. The number of my family members is becoming less and less. ”

The Common Pearlbush said that,”because of my characteristic, people like to burn me as fuel in cooking. If this situation continues, my family numbers will become extinct.”

he Bitter bean shook its head, saying “without enough water, most of us have been died. Maybe my life will end in the near future. ”

aving heard everyone’s complain, the God was shocked, whose tears fell down his cheeks.


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