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Program Overview

We participated in the contest categories: local leaders

Description of our community

Da Tong County is located in the Northern Agricultural Region in Eastern Qiang Hai Province. It belongs to the province capital-Xi Ning city. The total area of this county is 3090 square kilometers, which has 22 villages, 6 towns and a population of 410000. The population density is 129 people / km2 . There has rich resource and the available pasture is 2340000 mu; forest area is 100000 hectare; forest coverage is 26.4%, which ranks first in the province.
Transportation is very convenient here. The county town is only 35 km from Xi Ning and no more than 50 km from Xi Ning Cao Jia Bao airport. Da Tong County is National commodity grain Base County and the country's 500 largest counties of food. Now it has agricultural acreage 79000 mu, which is abundant with wheat, bean, rape, barley and so on. Bean and rape is the local characteristic crops. Da Tong County is the municipality County of Xining City—the approved opening inland city by the State Council. It enjoys the same preferential policies like those coastal cities given by the State Council.

Summary of our project

Chinese calligraphy art is always an essence of five thousand years’ Chinese culture. However, with the popular of computer, people are used to enter words with keyboard. The traditional paper and pen is facing with stern challenge. Calligraphy art is almost forgotten by people and many schools have stopped to open calligraphy courses. Therefore, we choose to use calligraphy artist as our interview topic and use our own effort to publicize and develop Chinese calligraphy art. Only in this way will people not forget and abandon our traditional culture but shows it the charming part of Chinese traditional culture to the world.

our computer and internet access:

3 computer consist of the ADSL broadband LAN

Problems we had to overcome:

First, it’s hard to find a interviewee. Our interviewee is defined as a person who is not only good at calligraphy but also has some local influence. Hoever there merely has no such kind of person locally. We asked from students as well as parents, but still got nothing. When we thought that the plan was going to fail, our schoolmaster Shang communicated with the village heads there actively and finally found grandpa Liu in Tao Jia Zhai Village.

Second, time is limited and task is heavy. We had a very tight time schedule and it was hard for us to e interview outside. Considering the heavy course work and not to waste too much time, we had to use the short rest time and weekends to finish it. When faced with problems, we helped and encouraged each other and teachers also cheered us up. Therefore, though time was limited, we were all very confident. More importantly, everyone has been imperceptibly influenced by calligraphy art during this deeply understanding process this time, which firmed our courage to conquer all difficulties.

Third is the English level problem. Our English level is not high and due to that the committee required to hand in English version competition works, we can only asked for help from teachers in Qian Xiang Wan Cai. There we express our thanks to them.


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