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Project element

  1,How did your activities and research for this CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

The teaching at school and students’ learning should not just be the 40 minutes at class, nor to learn knowledge from textbook. It is important to learn from real life and our living environment, to put what we’ve learnt from textbook into practice. It is important to focus on independence and autonomy cultivation of students, to guide students to question, investigate, explore and learn in practice, to promote their own initiative and personalized learning under the guidance of teachers, to fully play to the advantages of information technology and provide rich educational environment and a strong learning tool for student learning and development. Therefore, the research is to give students opportunities to practice and use knowledge, allow students to learn what they can not learn in the textbooks and enable the students to become the master of knowledge as well.

This activity is the most famous practice course in our school. They all like computer and calligraphy. This kind of learning style has never been experienced. The students showed great fervor during the real operation process and experienced a kind of learning experience they’d never had. Under the guidance of their teacher, they firstly experienced the combination of knowledge at class and outside class. Especially the 3 students learned all the skills about the information resources to finish the webpage making. Though there is something not that mature at last, it makes them know that the knowledge in the textbook can be rewrite and how the new knowledge be discovered and created. It makes the students understand more clearly about calligraphy art, the kindness between people, cultivate their love to calligraphy, stimulate them to love traditional culture and the emotion to love their own nationality. 


  2,What information tools and technologies did you used to complete your CyberFair project?




Soft ware

Dreamweaver MX8

Webpage making

WORD 2003

Word processing

photshop 7.0 fireworks MX 2004

Photo and picture processing

ACDSee 5.0

Scanning the pictures

Microsoft IE 6.0

Finding the internet pictures

Cute FTP 7

Upload the website


File communication and tech advise



Connecting and interviewing


Taking pictures in interview


Copy and store files


Organizing files and webpage making


Searching files and uploading

Town-and-talent internet terrace

Support and communication tech



  3,In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.
   Lazy Studio, the name of our team, was asked to represent the Qinghai Huangjiazai center school at the project. As "ambassadors" for our project, three students made an interview with Liu Duo at the weekend, showed chinese calligraphy art to the other students in school. We united with and support each other throughtout  the course of our  project .We provided our websites to the advocators of traditional chinese culture and art , to raise awareness among people about preserve intangible culturel heritage. That's what we want people to share with us.
  4,What has been the impact of your project on your community? 
   It is through participation in this global project that classmates,friends and many people in our community were more knowledgeable of the chinese calligraphy art.When we talked about calligraphy before,the first that came into mind was writing brush character. Now and after finishing this project we are given to understand that chinese calligraphy is extensive and profound.Our classmates and friends,many people in our community said that it was very interesing and they began to get involved in learnning caligraphy.
  5,How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers? 
    The finding and information is obtained from the internet and interview.During the information collecting period, school authorities, teachers and students provided guidance and assistance to us.The officials of the town government provided us with useful information of caligraphy art. The whole school and many friends in community also took part in our practice course.
  6,Surprising and finding
   We enjoyed the feeling as if being interviewed by journalist at TV, the feeling is quite well for us.

1,  have a more comprehensive understanding to calligraphy art.

2,  this is a very wonderful practical course.


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