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History of old temple
Linjiang ancient ferry

   In the old days of Cangxi, boat was the main transportation tool for people to cross the river. The residents in the riverbanks of Jialingjiang River crossed the river through this ferry. Since it once was the only way downward Langzhong and upward Jiange Temple, so many famous people passed by and took a look of the water and composed so many poems here. "I miss Cangxi County most, where I saw my friend off in a pavilion." was just one example.。

  Building temples besides Linjiang ferry was not later than the years of Ming Chenghua Emperor.

   In 1771, the 36th year of Qian Long Emperor in Qing Dynasty, because of the old wall of the county was not strong enough, the county prefect Yu Dapeng dug stones on the cliff of Linjiang ferry to build a new wall. Based on the landforms, the county prefect chiseled caves to worship the Buddha. Both caves of Ciyun Pavilion, the main part of Linjiang temple were basically built thereafter.

Boguang Zhuying Veranda

   Opposite the hall there once was an old dramatic stage, between which two was a yard planted with exotic trees and flowers. Surrounded both sides of the stage were stone railings, and outside the latter were the towering ancient trees. On the west of the temple was Boguang Zhuying Veranda, simple and unsophisticated and elegant. Lush green bamboos are in front of the veranda, below which is the slowly flowing water. In the moonlit night, the breeze is swaying, shadow of the bamboo is moving and the water is sparking. This is Linjiang Night Moon, one of the eight tourist spots near Cangxi County.

Farewell monument

The Boating Poem composed by Du Shaoling:





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