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Linjiang temple

   "I miss Cangxi County most, where I saw my friend off in a pavilion." is from the poem named "nostalgia", composed by Lu You, a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty when he passed by Cangxi County, one stop on his way northward to Qinlong. And the pavilion is Cangxi farewell pavilion. Since Ming Dynasty, on the left of the pavilion's cliff there have been chiseled cave to worship the Buddha, finally forming the current Linjiang ancient temple. Located on the west bank of Jialingjiang River, the temple is one kilometer west of the county, was named after its location near Linjiang ferry. The whole temple is consisted of eight attraction spots, namely Farewell Pavilion, Baxian Cave in the meaning of eight immortals cave, Ciyun Pavilion, Weituo Temple, Hall of Fertility Goddess, Daguan Pavilion, Boguang Zhuying Veranda in the meaning of the bamboo's enchanting beauty mirrored in the river veranda and Linjiang Night Moon. The whole temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions for its being covered with lush trees and bamboos, full of fresh and leisure air, and is quiet and elegant.

Eight attraction spots in Linjiang County
Farewell pavilion

   Farewell pavilion is on the right of the mountain gate. In 764, the second year of Guang De Emperor in Tang Dynasty, a famous poet Du Shaoling moved to Langzhong for avoiding the disturbance in Ziyi, when he saw off his guests in Cangxi and on the way back to Linjiang ferry by boating, he composed Boating Poem there. To commemorate the famous holy poet, Cangxi people built a pavilion here, dozen feet east of which was the cliff, where engraved words of Fang Chuan Stage in the meaning of Boating Stage. In the past dynasties covering from Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, many writers and poets came here to engrave inscriptions to recall their remembrance. In the pavilion, there was a monument engraved in Dao Duang Emperor’s years to commemorate Du Fu's (one of the most famous poets in ancient China) stay here, which has been listed as a provincial-level cultural relic.

   Standing opposite to the river, you will have no idea where the Linjiang ancient temple is if it is the first time you are here. The main part of the temple is nicknamed as the first building of Jialing. West of the temple is Boguang Zhuying Veranda, simple and unsophisticated and elegant. Lush green bamboos are in front of the veranda, below which is the slowly flowing water. In the moonlit night, the breeze is swaying, shadow of the bamboo is moving and the water is sparking. This is Linjiang Night Moon, one of the eight tourist spots near Cangxi County. On the left of Boguang Zhuying Veranda, dozens of stairs upward is the stone archway named "a place of unique beauty" will then find the way upwards Daguan Pavilion. On its forehead there inscribed "overlooking the landscape." Right down of the pavilion, walking eastward is the pillar house Linggongdian Hall of the whole temple, passing through which eastward towards the stone gallery which will extend its way to West Mediation House and Sangongdian Hall. Walking out of Sangongdian Hall, eastward is Ciyun Pavilion in the right center, where seated the figure of the Bodhisattva Guanyin.

Outlook of Linjiang temple

Main hall of Linjiang temple

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