Project Contributions

Participants Work item %
Student 1. Collect information
2. Interview and take photos
3. Keep a record of the conversation during interview
4. Edit and compose
5. Reorganize the material
7.Regularly discuss
8.Webpage making
Teacher 1. Study out project and the title
2. Hold group meeting
3.Instruct research method and contents
4. Instruct us computer applications
5. Guide student’s shoot
6. Contact relevant personnel and arrange schedules
7.take control of schedule
8. Files upload
Expert and the old artist 1. Give interviews
2.Provide information
3.Provide pictures
Teachers in school 1.Give interviews
2.Provide information
3.Instruct us to write project reports
4.Guidance for translation
Classmates 1. Play a part in our show.
2. Offer helps
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