Project Overview


Project Overview

Description of "Our Community"

Ningxia is one of the cradles of Chinese culture. There were human beings even in Paleolithic Age that is

300,000 years ago in Ningxia. Shuidonggou relics tell us a mysterious story happened a long time ago. After Zhang Qian, a West Han Dynasty envoy, traveled to western regions, the Silk Road went through Ningxia where became an important joint point of traffic and trade between west and east of China. One thousand years after that, Yuan Hao, leader of Dangxiang people (Tanguts) established West Xia which lasted for 200 years.

Ningxia does not have a huge land, but there exists various kinds of physiognomy -- mountains, plain, plateau, hills, desert and rivers. The stretching and undulant Helan Mountain,

Liupan Mountain called green pearl in Loess Plateau, famous
Shapotou, beautiful Laolong Pool, grand Yellow Rive and Sha Lake formed Ningxia's colorful natural scenery.

Ningxia is the merging place of culture in the great bend of Yellow River and Silk Road. The merging created the culture of West Xia, Islam and the straightforward frontier fortress character. Ningxia is lustering for the rock caves, murals in Helan Mountain, tombs of West Xia, magnificent Nanguan Mosque, Lamasery pagodas and relic of Great Wall.

Summary of Our Project

The Binggou of Ningxia Province is special for its location of ancientry. There were even many heroes at Binggou, but now it presents a kind of desolation for people. Why? What's happening here? After discussion, we decided to choose Entering Binggou as our subject. In the project we introduce the location, origin, actuality, exploration and communication, displaying the culture of Binggou and helping it spread all over the world. At the same time, we hope that more people are concerned about the influence environment brings us.

Our Computer/Internet Access

A. Percentage of students using the Internet at home: More than 50%
B. Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom: None
C. Connection speed used in the classroom: Dedicated connection
D. Number of years your classroom has been connected to the Internet: 4-6
E. Additional comments concerning your computer and/or Internet access (Optional): we have to go to our teacher's home for surfing.

Problems We Had to Overcome

Firstly, we have no experience of such activity. But with the help of the friends in Town and Talent, we finally complete the project successfully.

Secondly, communication condition is poor. We communicated once a week via chatting software and at other time our teacher Miss Yan contacted Liu with Email. Sometimes the chatting software was not stable and we had to talk through the phone.

Thirdly, we are far away from Binggou, so we need spend more expenses on doing it. But we believe it is worthy for us.

Fourthly, our English was not good enough and Mr. Liu told us the information on the Cyber Fair website. And the work must be in English, so we had to ask help for Town and Talent.

Our Project Sound Bite

lthough we join the game last year, we feel we can still do nothing now. So we must study ceaselessly. Further more, from this we can get better knowledge of ourselves -- there is nothing impossible only if we have determination and resolution. Taking part in the project really benefits us a lot.




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