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Qi Youcai

Qi Youcai was born on February 5, 1924 in Shangyang Village, Qinglin County, Datong Town. When he was 11, he quitted school and began to herd sheep only after 3-year study. Edified by his father who was grown up in the atmosphere of Tu culture and knew very well about Tu tradition, Qi Youcai also became an expert of Tu culture and tradition. To help his father support the family, Qi Youcai once did labor work, dug gold, proceeded cotton for quilt and was a cook. After 1949 Peopleí»s Republic China was founded, he worked in the village committee, but did not go further for his inferior education background. He is a little lame after his left leg was hit broken by a vehicle, but the lameness is nothing to him. He is a strong-willed man and extraordinary positive toward all the difficulties and misfortunes. He is fond of martial art, swimming and folk art. Wherever there is folk opera, he goes to watch and listen carefully and is so obsessed that he imitates the actorsí» movement. However, what he is good at most is not folk opera but the etiquette of Tu wedding ceremony and funeral. He is the authority in local area. From 13 years old, he took part in various kinds of such activities, so he plays a key role and acts agilely and smoothly in the events. Older he gets, more deeply he loves Tu tradition. Although he is not Tu, he knows Tu much better than any Tu people. Even people in the surrounding areas have disagreement on the etiquette, they come to Qi for advice and he can patiently give clear explanation every time. He is really a special old person in local area.

Ha Caibao

Ha Caibao was born in July 1954 in Maohewan Village. He is a pure Tu. He knows very well about Tu culture. Whenever there are events like wedding ceremony or funeral in Maojiawan, he will be invited to be the conductor. He has made some changes in the traditional ways and the ceremonies he presides are very remarkable and locally characteristic. He is regarded the successor and good partners of Qi Youcai. Ha Caibao is passionate and humorous. All the villagers like him. He has got fame in Maojiawan Village as well as all through Qinglin County. He learned Tu culture and dialect from Qi Youcai. You can find few people like him who grows up in Tu inhabiting region and has good knowledge of Tu culture. Lunziqiu and Anzhao, the Tu folk dances are no longer attractive to current young people, but Ha is very fond of them and has performance if there is opportunity. In 2000, in the Tu Culture and Art Festival, he gave a wonderful performance and deeply impressed all the audience.

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