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Description of "Our Community"

Datong Hui and Tu People Autonomous County lies in the east of Qinghai province. Datong is in the joint area between Tibetan plateau and loess highland. It is surrounded by mountains and a very beautiful place. Datong is the inhabiting area of Hui, Tu, Tibetan and Han people who work and live harmoniously for generations. Tu people are the mixed blood of local people and Mongolian who stationed army as they invaded China. Tu people live on both farming and herding. They pay lots of attention to etiquette. They have colorful folk art and literature. Their dress, food, wedding ceremony and funeral are very special. They have their own dialect and religion.

Our Computer/Internet Access

Tu is a very special people among Chinese 56 minorities. Tu people are industrious and warmhearted and they have characteristic folk custom. But as more Tu people merge with Han, they are affected by Hans culture and custom. And Tus tradition is gradually disappearing. Taking the opportunity of participating in the Cyber Fair, we want to dig out the lost Tu culture and make more people know about it and save it.

Problems We Had to Overcome

It is the first time we take part in Cyber Fair and we have no experience. At first we even didnt have any ideas, fortunately Taiwan Hualian Growth Center and Town and Talent company offered us a lot of help. We contact and communicate by means of email and phone calls. Only after several times of communicating can the problems be solved. Our school has only one computer with the dial modem at the speed of 56k and the high cost disables us to spend long time on the internet. From Dec.3 2005, our region had no electricity until 8:30pm. The interview record could not type in computers. In that situation, our team members Jing Shaoxiong, Li Xinxin and Zhang Shengyan led by our teachers Zhao Guangxing and Li Lianxiong walked miles to our school after dinner. After 8:30 they began the work until 11:30 and walked back home. We didnt know how to use computer at first and our teacher trained us several times. We didnt have enough time. We enrolled Cyber Fair in October and we had a busy curriculum schedule. We had to collect material after school and in the weekends. Because of hardworking and support from our school, we finish our work in such a short time.

Our Project Sound Bite

We didnt realize the gradual disappearance of Tu culture was in such serious condition until we visited some Tu people. Only a small number of old Tu people could tell us something about Tu culture. It further proved that we had chosen a necessary topic. Take this chance we will try dig out more lost Tu culture and keep them in many ways and make contribution to spreading the culture. This is the most thing we gain from the activity


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