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● Teapot
  Teapot is the main container for brewing tea, mainly is pottery, also porcelain or stone. The superior tea emphasizes the color, smell, and taste should be all good, and could be brewed repeatedly; while for a superior teapot, the appearance should be aesthetic, the texture should be smooth, and the most important thing is to be practical.

● Tea Boat

  The container used to place teapot(after putting tea leaves and pour boiling water into teapot, place the teapot on the tea boat, then pour boiling water over the teapot to warm it, and the poured water in the tea boat can be used to wash tea cups too), also called tea pool or teapot holder.

● Tea Sea

  Also called Cha Zhong or fair cup. When brew tea to appropriate concentration, pour the tea into tea sea, and then infuse into each cup from tea sea, in order to keep the concentration uniform. You can put a filter net on the tea sea to filter tea dust.

● Tea Cup

  There are many size and kinds of tea cups. Different cups for different types of tea. In recent years, one kind of cup named aroma cup, which could smell the tea aroma while drinking, is very popular. According to the shape and color of the teapot, it’s aesthetic to choose appropriate cups to match. In order to enjoy the color of tea, and be easy to clean, it’s best to glaze the inside of tea cup, white or light color.

● Bowl Cup

  Including tea bowl, lid, and holder. Put three grams of tea into bowl, pour heat water to 150 。C, cover the lid, and drink after five to six minutes. In this way, tea leaves are often infused one time, not more than two.

● Tea Tray

  The tray used to hold tea cups or other tea-things, take the flowing or poured water when brew tea.There is plastic tray, Stainless Steel tray, round tray, rectangular tray, and so on.

● Tea scoop

  Often made of bamboo, used to handle the tea leaves into teapot.

● Tea Strainer

  The tea strainer is putted on the tea spout, in order to keep the tea leaves in the teapot,preventing falling out of the teapot.

Tea cup with a lid painted blue

Long month pot for kungfu tea

A kitchen range with seven stars

Bronze pot for boiling water

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