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Pouting-tea-into-cups skill

“Tea Art” is the skills of brewing tea and the art of drinking tea, emphasizing the appreciation of tea sets, the environment of drinking tea and interpersonal relationships. The words “tealeaves on the top of Mengshan Mountain, water in the Yangtze River” show that the quality of tealeaves and water is also required when drinking tea. The skills of brewing tea is the most important link in “tea art”. It requires to master the identification of tealeaves, fire temperature, water temperature, brewing time and standard operation, also pay attention to the aesthetic feelings in the entire brewing process. “brewing, should make one person feel aesthentic, including environment, water, sets, and tealeaves”. The artistic beauty of brewing shows as the beauty of appearance and soul. So it’s a meaningful social work to spread the knowledge of tea culture and tea art. To tea art, the Kungfu Tea is the most distinctive.

Kungfu Tea is a kind of skill to brew, but not a name of tea.That’s beacause the skill is very complicated, needing Kungfu to operate. “Kungfu” here, means the knowledge of brewing and drinking.

The process of brewing Kungfu Tea: step one: warm teapot, fair cup, tea cups, aroma cups with boiling water; step two: put appropriate amount of tealeaves(1/5 to 1/4 of the teapot) into the teapot and pour into boiling water; step three: brush foam floating on the top of teapot away, cover lid and wait for 15 to 30 seconds; step four: infuse the tea into tea boat( and fair cup) through filter net; step five: put the tea into aroma cup, cover the aroma cup with a tea cup and then turn them; step six: take up the aroma cup and turn it around three times( clockwise), then you can smell the tea aroma; step seven: taste tea carefully and slowly. Kungfu Tea is an antique tea ceremony in chinese, from it, you will feel relaxed and happy, get the enjoyment of the art and beauty.

 The most important link is to put into tealeaves in the process of brewing Kungfu Tea, for it’s the first link. The amount of tealeaves should be appropriate, neither too many nor too few. And tealeaves couldn’t be broken when put into, otherwise the tea taste is a litter bitter.

Pay attention to the infusion when brew, and the first infusion could decide if the tea will change taste.

Many people love to infuse the first water into the center of the teapot, actually it’s wrong, as to do like this, the tea taste is bitter, and the tea can’t be brewed reaptedly.

The right way is to infuse water along the inside of teapot, more water but not to overflow, inorder to let foam floating on top and it’s convenient to brush away. The first infusion can’t drink, for it has tea foam and taste is bitter, so pour out it. The real beginning of Kungfu Tea is the second, and it’s the time to show your brewing skills.

Kungfu Tea can’t only quench the thirst, but also is a high-level enjoyment about truth, beauty and goodness. Kungfu Tea house is often filled with a peaceful atmosphere, the tea sets are exquisite, the brewing skills are consummate, so drinking tea here is a very happy thing. Although one cup of Kungfu Tea is only enough for a sip, it can quench the thirst better than a bowel of other beverages in hot summer.

Tea Art Performance

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