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The work briefing of“Chinese Tea Culture”web page

The Huacong Middle School in Bazhong City of Sichuan Province

       The tutor: Lei Quhua
       The contestant: Yang Shanshan Liao Jianming

  ●The determination of the page’s theme

  No mateer in acient times or today, chinese always love to chat in tea houses while drinking tea. Although tea is a favorite of refined scholors first, and the tea culture originates from the Confucianism's thoughts, but with the spread of the tea, drinking tea has becomed a method of social communication and promoting friendship. So we decide to choose “chinese tea culture” as the theme of our webpage.

  ●Work plan

  We had no idear about work briefing before, so we were nervous and anxious when knew detailed contents of the theme. The contents were so numerous, the form and the process was so complex, that we decided to make a thorough work plan first.

  (1) a brief background note: the chinese tea culture has a history of five thousand years and is an important part of chinese traditional culture. With thr development of the society, tea doesn’t only play a role in the promotion of economy and become a necessity of life, but also formed a dazzling tea culture gradually and become a shining pearl in the social spiritual civilization.

  The tea culture brings the human spirit and wisdom to a higher realm. Its contents are very plentiful, including the spiritual reflection and an extension of ideology. There is no doubt that it is beneficial to enhancing people's cultural cultivation and the level of art appreciation.

  The subject came from the influence of chinese tea culture, and members of our work group all felt curious about it, so we made an in-depth investigation.

  (2)the purpose and significance
According to this activity, we’ve known a lot about the chinese tea culture, increased our knowledge, developed our ability to collect and collate informations, operate, communicate, and cooperate.

  (3) the plan of activity
  the detailed steps of activity

  The first stage: three to four weeks
  Specific time: September—October 10

  Discuss and search informations on the internet, mainly on the site Baidu.

  The second stage: three weeks
  Specific time: October 10—the end of October

  According to the imformations we have found, put in everyone’s questions and search datum on the internet to solve them.

  The third stage: two weeks
  Specific time: October 30—Novemember 15

  Gather imformations; numbers of the work group exchange opions and views, analyse and discuss available imformations to reach a consensus and form a system; change the system into a table, complete the investigation report and drafts of web page.

  (4) expressional forms
  Text, pictures, FLASH, audio, video, etc.

  ●The process of making web page

1、the main sections

  ① Tea leaves
  Introduce the origin of chinese tea culture, the classification of tea leaves, etc.

  ② Tea ware
  Introduce the development of chinese tea culture, the type of tea ware, etc.

  ③ Tea house
   Introduce the role and status of tea house in chinese tea culture, the development of tea house today, etc.

  ④ Tea art
  Introduce tea and chinese people, tea and culture, tea moral, tea and society.

  ⑤ Tea ceremony

  ⑥Work briefing of the special report

  ⑦ The work group

2、detailed steps

  First stage: search imformations, know about chinese tea culture, and decide the theme of web page.

  Second stage: gather, classify and analyse imformations, then form texts of web page.

  Third stage: design and make web page.

3、the process of searching imformations

  Read newspapers and books, search websites about chinese tea culture.

4、the process of collating and analysing imformations

  Gather, sift, analyse, classify all imformations got in the former days.

5、develop ability

  Our ability to deal with data has been developed by searching imformations on internet and analysing datum; the ability to operate has been developed by writing essay and work report; and the ability to cooperate has been developed too.

Huacong Middle School in Bazhong City of Sichuan Province     Tea Culture Team