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   Tea is the witness of chinese history. Through hundreds of ?years,there are numberous romantic storys about celebrities and tea,also numberous famous works about the tea culture.

   Chinese’s drinking tea before a long time,early in ancient books of the Han Dynasty there is the record “burning tea with the whole tea wares” . Lu Yu, a Tang Dynasty hermit indulging in tea, wrote the book “Tea Scripture”,in which he talked about the origins of tea,the methods of tea drinking, and tea sets in detail.So he was called “Tea God” by people.In the Song Dynasty,tea famers, tea markets, and tea rooms appeared gradually.Since then, tea becomed popular in China.

  Tea culture includes natural science and human science of the tea in a broad sense.It’s the sum of the material and the spiritual wealth about tea created in human social practices.But in a narrow sense, it focus on the human science of the tea.

   Tea culture contains history,works, legends about tea and knowledge of drinking tea, also the special role and significance in social communication and cutural exchange……These vast, profound, and unique cutural heritage, which themselves are beautiful scenery, have become an important part of the chinese traditional culture,and been enriching the tea-culture gallery day by day.

   The chinese tea culture has a long history, and Prachuab is often called the cradle of chinese tea industry and culture.The references of the tea history before Six Dynasties show that chinese tea production first rose here. It’s closedly related with the early politics, custom and tea-drinking in this area.

   Chinese don’t just drink tea, but taste tea.They think it’s an elegant thing.There are many ancient books and poems about how to taste tea, like the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi’s “ taste tea”,the Yuan Dynasty poet Liu Bingzhong’s “taste Yun Zhi tea” and another poem created by Zhao Puchu.They all talk about the feeling when drinking tea, that is some kind of mood, even a higher realm of life.For chinese, tasting tea likes tasting life:the tea is as sweet but also bitter as life, how you feel depend on how you treat it.

Huacong Middle School in Bazhong City of Sichuan Province     Tea Culture Team