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The work group


  Lei Quhua Teacher
  mission web planning
    feelings in my heart:

  Through more than two months of hard work, I completed my mission. Reviewing these days, I gain a lot.

  According to this work, I further recognize that, first, you can do anything with the determination and effort, even things you can’t do before. And then, the power of group is great, many prombles can be solved more successfully by the group than one person.

  Although our works has been completed, I think it’s still rough and not very satisfactory.But I’ll try my best to make more better works from now on.


  Liao Jianming   student
  mission collect and collate informations, interview, record, write articles
    feelings in my heart:

  I have never taken part in such a grand competition before.This time I joined in it with my classmates, to be honest, I didn’t have any selt-confidence first.However, with the help of my tutor and workmates, I changed my mind later. This activity touched me deep, according to it, I made many good friends, learnt a lot of knowledge, and owned a firm confidence in learning. I believe our works succeed certainly.


  Yang Shanshan   student
  mission collect and collate informations, interview, record,make webpages
    feelings in my heart:

  I’v grown up after joining in my group. I knew nothing about the computer before, but now, I’v learnt how to use it,the internet, and the camera.In a word, I’v learnt many things that I didn’t know before. In the process of interview, it happened many happy things but also frustrated things. If there’re any chance in the future, I’ll take part in such a activity again.


Huacong Middle School in Bazhong City of Sichuan Province     Tea Culture Team