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Tea ceremony


“Tea Ceremony” is a life’s ceremony by the media of tea, is also considered a method to cultivate one’s heart. By brewing, enjoying, and drinking tea, it can deepen friendship, beautify the soul, and learn etiquette.

  Mr Wu Juenong thinks: tea ceremony is that “to see tea as a precious and noble beverage, beacause tea is a spiritual enjoyment, a kind of art, or a means of self-cultivation.”

  Mr Zhuang Wanfang thinks: tea ceremony is a ceremony of etiquette education and moral training to people by drinking tea. Mr Zhuang Wanfang concluded the basic spirit of chinese tea ceremony is “frugality, beauty, harmony, and respect ”. Chinese tea ceremony is a way to achive the harmony of all mankind by tea, guide individuals to complete the cultivation.

  Different cultural backgrounds result in four chinese tea ceremonies, that is noble tea ceremony, refined scholor tea ceremony, Zen tea ceremony and common tea ceremony. The noble tea ceremony focus on “the tea character”, aimed at showing up wealth; refined scholor tea ceremony focus on “the tea aesthetic”, aimed at enjoying art; Zen tea ceremony focus on “the tea spirit”, aimed at Zen enlightenment; common tea ceremony focus on “the tea taste”, aimed at enjoying life.

  The numbers of noble ceremony are all wealthy, some is noble, some is high official, or some is businessman. They don’t have to know how to write a poem, draw or play a piano, but have to be noble, rich and in high status.Their tea ceremony could be concluded into “delicate tea, best water, burning fire, wonderful tea-sets”, all required “good taste”. Actually, it’s a wealthy showy by power and mony, seem to be against "the supremacy of imperial power" and “mony first” if don’t like this.

  The respectors of refined scholor tea ceremony are mainly literati and refined scholors. They don’t drink tea to quench thirst, digest or refresh brain, but to guide the spirit into the realm rising above the general world, and realize something. They care more about natural scenery, love, poem, fame and fortune, hope to find sustenance in these things.

  On one hand, tea literature, tea painting, tea song, and tea drama all formed beacause of tea; on the other hand, the literature makes tea drinking to be a spiritual enjoyment, so formed chinese refined scholor tea ceremony.

  Zen tea ceremony formed from “the tea spirit”. Monks drinked tea before a long time, they also planted, processed tea and study fomous tea, contributed to the development of chinese tea process, tea culture, and the formation of tea cereomony.

  Common tea ceremony formed from “the tea taste”,aimed at enjoying life.To common tea ceremony, tea is an elegant thing, also a vulgarian, no matter in officialdom, business, society or faimily, it always plays a role. Chinese often treat tea as a special present, they like to give relatives,friends, or the people from whom they hope to get help. the tea is more fomous, the present is more valuable.

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