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Wok log

  ●Work summary

  The master’s professional standard of the school network department has been improved by joining in the Web Page Design Competition, and other members of the work group have got a lot of knowledges about web page design; developed our ability to study, communicate and cooperate; enriched our knowledge structure further, and achieved the purpose “promot learning by joining in the competition”

  Through more than two months, our web pages were completed with the group’s efforts, and submit the first draft to the Headquarters. Then we improved pages with the headquarters’ advice.

  We didn’t only take part in the competition, also hope to strengthen the school's internal construction, improve the learning and communication among teachers through the competition, in order to develop the combat effectiveness of school, and achieve the purpose “promte learning and construction by joining in the competition”.

  ●Our gains

  By participating in this activity, we’ve been trained in the full range and developed hands-on capacity which couldn’t been got in class. At the same time, we realize the importance of teamwork and benefited from the cooperation spirit. We’ve been more mature, and enriched a lot of social and cultural knowledge, enhance the aesthetic taste, and strengthened decency and moral training.

  1、the knowledge: by the study of tea culture, we knew the way to product tea and the type of production, namely about the tea cultivation, manufacturing, processing, preservation, also about the tealeaves, water, tea ware used when drinking tea, many tangible things such as tables or chairs in tea house, and the tealeaf’s chemical composition, medical efficacy, etc.

  2、the aesthetic: namely many subjective factors such as the values, aesthetic concept and the ways of thinking formed in the use of tea. For example, the pursuit of the aesthetic taste when drink tea, the pursuit of the aesthetic realm in the process of tea art, and the rich imagination; literary works reflecting the tea production, life in tea areas, and the taste of tea; combining tea with the life philosophy, rising to a high degree of philosophy, forming tea moral, tea ceremony, etc. These are the highest level and the core of tea culture.

  3、the moral: the social function of tea culture is mainly to carry forward traditional virtues, display culture and art, cultivate oneself, promote the national unity, show the social progress, develop the economy and trade, and so on. The traditional virtue is good morals accumulated through thousands of years and held in esteem by history people, is a manifestation of national spirit and society. To tea culture, the traditional virtue is mainly the love of motherland, selfless dedication, perseverance, courtesy, humbleness, hard-working, thriftiness, and mutual respect.

  ●Findings, lessons and surprises

  In the study of theme and the process of making web page, we found that we had a lack of knowledge and capacity. Fortunately, our tutor helped us to solve these problelms in time, so that we could tide over difficulties. Surprised that, with the continuous advance of the study and activity, more students paid attention to polite in life, more cared about teachers and helped classmate, more cared about the clasee and school…….

  ●Difficulties and setbacks we’ve met

  When we visited the Yinling Mountain tea plantation, for the terrible ways, we had to crawl among bramble. Several students broke through the clothes, and appeared blisters on their feet. But we still overcame difficulties to reach the destination in teacher’s encouragement. When interviewed tea house, we planed to take some photos about the scene of playing Mahjong, but we met difficulties. When we speaked out our intention, the boss of tea house was very unhappy and banned us to take photos. So we feel very sorry that we couldn’t show the “smoke of Mahjong war” and scenes of players.

  In addition, we would like to thank our teachers, parents and classmates who assist us in the activity. If teachers didn’t contact interviews for us, guide interview ideas and computer techniques, we couldn’t complete the competition works. Also thank the English teacher translating for us, the school leadership, and social people who given us support.

  In a word, we’ve learned many things that couldn’t be got in school. We’ve become more mature and got a lot of social knowledge. According to the study of tea culture, we’ve known about the development of world and china, learned lots of social etiquette. If there is any chance, we will take part again, for this kind of activity is very meaningful.


The schedule and division of work







1.build the team
2.divide the work

Lei Quhua

2008.9.12 Visit and interview the Yinling Mountain tea plantation The whole team    


Disguss and decide the page’s theme

Lei Quhua

“Tea Culture”

2008.9.15 ~2008.9.20

Collect references

Lei Quhua

Complish the collection of references

the whole team


Register online

Lei Quhua

The registration is successful


   Collate references

Lei Quhua

Complish the collection of text,video,audio references

Yang Shanshan
Liao Jianming


Collect pictures and videos

Lei Quhua



PS pictures,make webpages,and build the website

Yang Shanshan
Liao Jianming

Complish the first draft


Integrate and modify the website

Lei Quhua

Complish the second draft

Yang Shanshan
Liao Jianming


Upload and test

Lei Quhua

Complish the third draf


Modify agaign

Lei Quhua



   Approve the website



Contribution to the website

Student(2 persons)

Yang Shanshan

Liao Jianming

1.collect references
2.visit and interview the tea plantation
3.collate references
4.make webpages

Teacher(1 person) Lei Quhua

build the team
disguss and decide the website’s theme
collect references
PS pictures and collect vedios
arrange the interview
supervise the whole
Integrate and modify the website


The Yinling mountain tea plantation
Huacong Middle Schoo

help to contact interviewees

Huacong Middle School in Bazhong City of Sichuan Province     Tea Culture Team