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Summary of Our Project

  Doing the research on Linjiang ancient temple helped us to have a deeper understanding of this ancient architecture, make everyone learn the significance and instance of protecting the environment, thus calling everyone to protect our mother river. Protect our green home, and let us take actions to call on the government and citizens. Call on the whole society to protect the environment, let us build a good example and lead to promote the importance of environmental protection. Help each other to realize that we should protect the environment from the things nearby and the things even small and simple. And to make everyone realize that please cherish the green mountain and protect the clean water, not for ourselves, but also for our descendants.

Division of tasks

Material collection stage

Stage of webpage making

Linjiang Temple environment, history, story collection

 Collect the Linjiang temple construction, cultural characteristic data

Image processing, text entry

Webpage construction and landscaping

The contribution that

     In this webpage making activities, we in the Xu teacher and teacher Deng led, through collective discussion, complete the following work:

    In the material collection stage: We divided into two groups: Yan Yao, Luo Dongmei Xu led mainly aims at the Linjiang Temple site visits, Linjiang in the temple photos are taken by Yan Yao, Luo Dongmei is responsible for recording the text information.

    Another team by Zhou Lihua, Yu Xin in Deng led by a teacher, is mainly responsible for the interview, understand the relevant data of the Linjiang temple. Among them, Yu Xin responsible for the shooting, Zhou Lihua was responsible for the record.

    In webpage making stage: all the pictures in the webpage are completed by Yan Yao and Yu Xin two students in teacher's guidance. While the text entry into word by Zhou Lihua students completed. Finally, the webpage produced by Luo Dongmei students in the teacher under the guidance of construction. All the staff are suggestions and modifications to the webpage.


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