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Problems We Had To Overcome

1. Troubles on time

  Making the web pages happened to be closed to the mid-term examination, when other students were seriously preparing for it, we four students had to spare lots of time on the Net Fair contest. With the help of our teacher, we got the understanding from other teachers who thought we were also excellent if we could successfully finish the activity.

  In the short over ten days, because of our blank knowledge on Linjiang ancient temple, we successively went there four times to conduct field investigation, and finally we sorted out relative complete materials.

2. Difficulties of taking interviews


Despite of the over 1,000 years history of Linjiang ancient temple in our county, its related materials were quite few to find even in the internet, eventually we found an old people who managed the temple and learned some stories about the temple from him.

   Later we found the current director of the ancient temple, the sports and cultural tourism administration of Cangxi County, from which we gained a lot of hard copies and photos of old days.

3. Difficulties of technology


   After taking photos and sorting out materials, we needed to upload them into the web pages, which for us was quite a big difficulty.

  Thanks for teacher Mr. Xu for teaching us to make web pages.

  Thanks for teacher Mr. Deng for teaching us to process images step by step.

  In the late process of making web pages, it was them offered us great support that we would finally finish the task.

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