The current position→The protection for Damu Mountain→support from civil society groups

The construction of tourism of Damu Mountain, especially the book stone of Damu Mountain has got a lot of support from people in folk and group.

The book stone in Damu Mountain is about eight hundred meters long, which is leaved more than five hundred calligraphy and paintings, there is a touching story in each calligraphy and painting, and each calligraphy and painting have been taken many emotions to the social people. Some of these people has a special emotion to Damu Mountain (such as civil affairs assistant in Yin town: YuanGuXiang); some of them are social people who have been rich but have not forgotten home after openness, and do contribution to the culture in hometown (such as the forth village in Yin town: WangXinCheng), some of them are on-the-job personnel, retired workers, government cadres, social groups, people in the province, and the people outside the province...



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