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1)To complete your CyberFair project, you are using that information tools and techniques?

Hardware: computer, camera, scanner, digital video camera

Software: Photoshop7.0,? Microsoft Word, Macromedia Dreamweaver

2)You how to play your CyberFair project " ambassador " or spokesman role?

In the course of our research, we visited the people near Damu Mountain, social people who love the culture of Damu

Mountain and part of the township cadres. We also shared with all the students. Most importantly, we hoped people know

Yin history and culture of Damu Mountain, and inspire the enthusiasm of loving home.

3)The project you are involved in what is the impact on the local community?

Our classmates including a lot of people in our hometown would know nothing at all about Damu Mountain and the history

in our hometown if there was no our study. Through my research, we shared our research results with the students and the

people in hometown, let them understand the Tourism resources in hometown, understanding the significance about book

stone of Damu Mountain deeply, and at the same time, they get more understanding charm of their hometown.

4)Other local staff is a monographic study plan to help you or duty to participate in the?

Our material is gotten mainly through visits and interviews. The old Yuan Jiaxiang in Civil Affairs Department offered us
 a lot of information, especially the picture of book stone of Damu Mountain, and at the same time, he also told us a lot
 of red army stories which happened in Yin town while accepting our interview. Some of the old soldiers in red army also
 participated in our interview, and school students cooperated with us to exchange Red army histories in Yin town. And of
 course the teacher gave us a lot of guidance.

5)What the novel finding you have in the process of making web site, lessons learned, what an amazing experience?

In the course of the study, we found that it is really not easy to research a project thoroughly. We have been growing in

the Yin town, and it is less than ten meters from Damu Mountain, we just heard about Damu Mountain before, and to go to

Damu Mountain to burn incense and worship the gods occasionally, but all of us didn’t ask the stories of Damu Mountain.

Not mention its true meaning. I also found a lot of knowledge which we didn’t know previously through profound study,

such as each book stone has a moving story, each cave is hidden a unknown history.

Through the visit, we also see that now there are a lot of people who have been rich have not forgot en the hometown, a

lot of people paid little attention to the culture in our hometown, some of them would know nothing at all, and

understand few about Damu Mountain, we hope that more people can understand and pay attention to Damu Mountain through

this project, let more people love his own country, and do our best for the development of our own home!


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