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1、Description of “Our Community”

Yin town Bazhou district is located at the junction of Ba, Yi, Lang the three counties, and scenery is beautiful
 here with talented people.The Damu Mountain which is located in the intersection of Bzhong and Langzhong is more
  beautiful, just like heaven on earth, the unique stone carving art in Damu Mountain is art treasures

2、Summary of Our Project

Through visiting Damu Mountain, we knew cultures and stories of Damu Mountain, and at the same time realized 
significance of red army slogans which was carved on the cliff ... We felt a lot through this activity. 

3、Our Computer and Internet Access

The ADSL net is used in our school, five members all can’t surf online at home, and there are only two computers 
with internet access conditions in our school. Because students have no special computer rooms, under teacher's 
instruction, the most of the contents on the website are finished on the computer in the teacher's office in 
spare time.

4、Problems We Had To Overcome?
Internet speed is slow in the school
Make full use of class time to find
 information on the Internet.
The ways always can be thought out if 
we make use of our own intelligence.。
Students are not familiar with on the
 software and webpage making.
Learning while using, asking for help
 from teachers 。
We use it more easily through the
 study of this software.。
Team activity time serious insufficient
Making full use of the weekends and
 extracurricular activities 
Arranging activity plan carefully
5、Our Project Sound Bite 
Even though it is not as beautiful as Qingcheng and Emei, its unique charm attracts many tourists to come here for 
sightseeing. This is the pride of Yin people. Through visiting Damu Mountain in Yin town, we have a more profound 
understanding of the culture in our hometown. Although our strength is very weak, the level is not high, but we 
have delivered the culture in Yin town to the friends from all over the world. We worked together for a common goal
 in these forty days, even though it is very hard, we got more joy! We believe that through our efforts, we will
  have a deeper understanding of our hometown.

School: Sichuan province's bazhong city Yin Jia primary school
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