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Last term our web page work has won first prize in competition, we are very encouraging, because it is the first time to take part in this activity, so we never heard of it in the past, not mention to do. Of course we used the form which was offered by company in cyberfire of last year. It will Sign up on October this year again, Teachers help us to make registration. We are busy again. We immediately formed a group of 6 people, we had understood requirements of Cyberfire carefully, our school teachers help us pass through the declaration of Cyberfire, and everyone in our team was very excited, and immediately got into the project research.

Damu Mountain is one of the tourism resources in our hometown, and it contains a combination of history, red army and modern. Even though it is not as beautiful as other well-known mountains and rivers, it has the unique culture. It is one of the traditional culture in our hometown, it is the pride of bazhong people, but also the pride of the people in Yin town, through this project, more people understand Damu Mountain and the history of Damu Mountain, and furthermore, understand our hometown, although our ability is not strong, we firmly believe that we can deliver our mood and persistent to the friends from all over the world in this way, and at the same time, I hope more and more people come to Damu Mountain to visit through this kind of propaganda.  

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