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To develop public cultural undertakings, enrich the cultural life of the masses, provide spiritual motivation and intellectual support, fill up the blank of Bazhong area which has stone and without book stone, develop outstanding, national characteristics and local characteristics, the local government invited contemporary famous calligrapher and the people who were fond of painting and calligraphy to write on the stone, Mobilize surrounding governments at all levels, people's organizations, capital to built tourism of Damu Mountain (the name of the people will be leaved who donate money or offer masterpiece, and the picture and CD will be given), turn stone in Damu Mountain into a calligraphy corridor, and turn this park into the land of painting and calligraphy art and the red tourism culture village as soon as possible, leaving a valuable cultural relics wealth for future generations. Under the leadership of the government, XiongGuangLin mayor offered autograph and solved the funds, built Army Park in Damu Mountain, the visitors were above 100000 persons per year, Many TV interview and special reports from bazhong, chengdu, sichuan province, liaoning, guizhou, hunan, shandong, jiangsu were held.


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