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The Damu Mountain is located in the most western of Bazhou, which is at an elevation of 800 meters, and located in the

junction of Pakistan and Langzhong. Even though it is not as beautiful as Qingcheng and Emei, its unique charm attracts

manytourists to come here for sightseeing.

Once entering Damu Mountain, it just likes the whole person being in a sea of books, more than 500 pieces of 
calligraphers  and mottos are carved on painting gallery which is about 800 meters.The people who come from Hong
 Kong, Taiwan, Yilong, Langzhong donated and carved on the steep precipice here, some of them with thin bone
 of the breeze, and others with immature fat round body, it is a treasure house of culture and art.

The Guanyin Cave is the representative attractions in Damushan, it is Buddhist shrines and belongs to ruins of Tang
 Dynasty, there are several caves on cliffs, and they were built in late Ming and early Qing. The statues of the late
 Ming and early Qing dynasties were reserved in main hall of Guanyindong, there are up to as many as 35 characters 
statues on approximately 400 square meters of cliff, in different size, realistic shape, fine workmanship, beautiful 
color, now it has been listed as a key cultural relics protection object in Bazhong. There are many god statues above 
Guanyindong which is about 20 meters, and three holes are linked with a large-scale. The holes have holes, the holes
 have water, holes are in the water, it is named as "Shenquan", the spring water is clear and sweet, it is said that
the people who often drink the water here will have good health and longevity. The incense is constant all day, and it
 is really a good place for Buddhists and the people.

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