Our suggestions
I. Protecting the Long March Sites
The cave dwelling lived by Chairman Mao in Yangwa Village; Pengyang County retreated 3-4m because of wind and rain erosion. Just in 70 years,it has retreated 3m, what about next 70 years? However, we didn't find any protection there. If it continues, there would be nothing to prove the Long March. What could we use to educate our descendants? Only the pictures or several objects in museum?
The monument at the side of Xiaoxihu in Guyuan County was severely covered by man-made pictures. Some people even wrote phone numbers on the scripture.
The destroy of the Long March Sites is the blasphemy of the Long March spirit. Our government should carry out some policies to banish this behavior.

II. Protecting Liupan Mountain
1. Some forests on Liupan Mountain were cut.
2. The wild rare animals were caught by some people and a lot of medicine plants were picked.

III. Developing Liupan Mountain Tourism
1. Although Liupan Mountain has plentiful potential resources,it has some difficulty in developing to be a tourist site,as there is neither restaurant nor hotel on the mountain.
2. We advice our government to make a comprehensive plan of Red Army's tourism route. In our research,only Liupan Mountain and Jiangtaibao are developed in the aspect of tourism. We suggest to develop some tourist project connected with the Long March, like visiting the Long March Route and Living in rural. In that way, people can learn more about the Long March and Liupan Mountain.


Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007