The eternal Liupan Spirit
About our report

1.preparation for the report
In order to let more students learn about the Red Armies's route in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, we plan to organize a report named "the Red Armies in Liupan Mountain Area". It is in winter, so we need to hold it inside the room; however, the multi-media classroom is occupied. We ask help from Mr Ma-the head of educational administration in our campus. Finally, he arranged a course in that afternoon for our activity. In the noon, we pasted our activity notice on billboard.

2.the report in progress
To our surprise, more than one hundred students come to participate in our report, in which we introduce Liupan Mountain, the Red Army’s Long March Museum, the Red Army's Long March Pavilion and Chairman Mao's poet-creating platform. They are quite enthusiastic about our research and propose many questions. At the end, we generally summarize our research. With the request of our schoolmates, we arrange several reports in the following days.

3.after the report
in campus, we hear students talking about the Red Armies and Liupan Mountain everywhere in campus. The librians tell us that most books about the Long March have been borrowed after our report. Many classes hold activities relevant to our theme.
We are writing the notice of our report.
The report begins.
Mr. Xie is telling us the stories of Qingshizui Triumph and Chairman Mao staying in Zhang's cave dwelling for one night.
Yang Mao-sheng is introducing the living situation of Red Armies in the Long March.
Look, there are so many warm audiences!
Liuxia is introducing the story about Chainman Mao living in Shanjiaji.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007