Our good luck

In our activity, we have interviewed 15 people, including historian, the old Red Army soldier, journalism, workers and common people. However, many people who offered help to us were not included. If those people were added, the total number of people we interviewed may be more than 100.
At the beginning, when we wrote down our interview list, our teacher-Mr. Xie was a little worried, because there are too many people we wanted to interview. What was worse, we didn't know them or have their phone number. But Mr. Xie encouraged us that as long as we were confident enough we could finish our task.
The first person we were going to interview was the historican who majored in history of CPC in Guyuan City-Mr. She. We firstly called 114 to find out his studio's phone number, however, he was not in at that moment. Next morning, when we recalled him, a staff told us that he was in a meeting. At 11:30am, we called him the third time, it was he answering the phone. How happy we were! When we told him our activity, he immediately accepted our interview.
The next person was an old Red Army soldier-Mr Wu He-man. We also called 114 to find out the phone number of civil administration in Guyuan City. A work staff told us that there was only one Red Army soldier living in Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City. Then, he promised us to connect Mr. Wu He-man.
The third person was a newspaper editor-Mr. Zhang. At the beginning, he didn't believe in our activity. Our teacher-Mr. Xie went to his family for three times in the weekend, bringing material of 2007 Cyber Fair and opening the relevant web page of Town and Talent Technologies. At last, he promised our interview and sent us many photos of Liupan Mountain that he filmed in his 30-year's career. We put those beautiful pictures on our web site. The photo on the front page was his.
In the following interview, although, we met many difficulties, we overcame them with the help of others. We felt that it was our good luck at first, however, that was because of other people's sincere help. We imagined that in the Long March, without villagers' help, the Red Army might not finish the whole journey. As for us, without help from Mr. Sayling Wen, Dr Lin and staff in Town and Talent Technologies, we couldn't continue our study. It were them we could have bright future.
The world is beautiful because of everyone’s kindness and love. I hope everyone can share love to others.

Old red army man-Mr. Wu He-man, his grandson and granddaughter-in-law. They are all kindness.
Mr. Zhang Xi-jun and his grandson are seeing us off in snow.
The villager Mr. Chen Wang-lin and his wife.
Ms Chen Yu-lou were giving us glasses of water.
The staff-Mr. Zhang of Liupan Mountain Tunnel was interviewed.
Our driver-Qi Xue-jun.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007