The knowledge contest of the Long March
In our research, we hold a knowledge contest of the Long March in our campus. We send the questionnaires to each class. According to our stastics, most students and teachers have a general idea about the Red Armies and Long March. When refered to the Long March in Ningxia, they know a little. They feel ashamed about their ignorance of this history as Ningxianess.
Our schoolmate answer the questionnaire carefully.

The knowledge contest of Long March
I multiple choice(4 points for each question and 50 points in all; 2 points for the 13rd.)
1 the foundamental reason for the Long March is ( ).
A. Wangming's "left" deviation
B. Bogu's “left” deviation
C. the failure of the 5th annihilation
D. the resetting of Chairman Mao's leadership

2 the beginning of the Long March was in ( )
A. Aug, 1935
B. Oct, 1935
C. Oct, 1934
D. Dec, 1934

3 the junction of three Red Armies at Wuqi Town in Shanxi Province was in ( )
A. Aug, 1935
B. Oct, 1935
C. Jan, 1936
D. Apr, 1936

4 the critical turning point of Long March was ( )
A. the 1st CPC Conference
B. August 7 Conference
C. Zunyi Meeting
D. the Soviet Conference

5 the commander of the 25th Red Army was ( )
A.Cheng Liao-hua
B. Wu Huan-xian
C. Xu Hai-dong
D. Chen Chang-feng

6 the Red Armies arrived at Shanjiaji in ( )
A. Sep, 1935
B. Aug, 1935
C. May, 1935
D. Oct, 1935

7 the original name of "Qingpingle-Liupan Mountain" was ( )
A. The Great Wall Poem
B. Qingpingle
C. The Long March Poem
D. Liupan Mountain

8 the height of the Red Army's Long March Monument is ( )
A、22.8m B. 23m C. 24m D.25m

9 the main content of CPC's field revolution was ( )
A. to divide landlord's field to the poors
B. to lower the rents of field
C. to distribute landlords' property to the peasants
D. to encourage peasants do farmwork actively

10 the main factor to lead to failure of 5th anti-annihilation was ( )
A. the error of military policy
B. Japanese invasion
C. the backward weapons
D. Chinese people were not unting together

11 the economical and political benefit gained by local peasants after field revoltuion was ( )
①gaining fields②gaining landlord’s property
③getting rid of feudal exploition ④getting rid of feudal debt
⑤getting rid of political exploition ⑥getting rid of political aggression
A、①②④ B、①③④ C、②③④ D、①②③④

12 the Red Army's Long March Monument was built in ( )
A. Oct, 1996
B. Oct, 1997
C. Oct, 2003
D. Oct, 2006

13 when Chairman Mao passed Liupan Mountain area, his guard was ( )
A. Linbiao
B. Chen Chang-feng
C. Deng Xiao-ping
D. Wu Huan-xian

II fill the blanks
1 the commander of 25th Red Army was ____; the political commissar was ____; and the vice commander was ____.

2 when Chairman Mao passed Liupan Mountain area, his guard was ____

3 the Red Army's Long March Monument was built in____

4 the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was founded in ____

5 as long as we persist in____, strength____, we can____and promote social____.

6 the "three forbidens" were ____,____,____; and the "four notices" were ____,____,____,____

7 the two most famous sentence in "Qingpingle-Liupan Mountain" are ____and____

8 in 1936, the three Red Armies ____,____,____ met in Jiangtaibao.


Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007