Progress report
1 Subject: Informed of taking part in Cyber Fair
Time: 2006-9-10
Activity: This morning, Mr. Xie saw the notice for Cyber Fair on Town and Talent website. The teacher was required to select subjects according to the Cyber Fair's requirements and prepare to take part in it. We all want to join this team.
2 Subject: collect suggestion of our subject
Time: 2006-9-13
Activity: many people in our school propose suggestion to our subject, which is used by Mr. Xie to choose team members.
3 Subject: Team formation
Time: 2006-9-18
Activity: We are chosen to be team members according to the requirements of Cyber Fair. How happy we are! Our instructor is Mr. Xie. We expect our web site will draw people's attention.
4 Subject: Training computer skills
Time: 2006-9-23
Activity: Mr. Xie trains our computer skills after classes, which lays a basic foundation of web page making.
5 Subject: Set our subject
Time: 2006-9-24
Activity: today we have a warm discussion with our instructor about the subject of our website. There are three choices: local specialties in Zhangyi County, local custom and the Red Armies. Finally, we choose the last one.
6 Subject: the first task
Time: 2006-9-25
Activity: today we have a group meeting about how to make our website. The instructor encourages us to propose suggestions. We believe we can make excellent web pages.
7 Subject: the framework of website
Time: 2006-9-28
Activity: these days, we construct a simple framework of website, including titles. As for detailed category, we haven't considered.
8 Subject: the first draft of our project
Time: 2006-10-1
Activity: after several days' discussion, we make a complete draft of our project. We will have the Oct Holiday from tomorrow to Oct 16th. Mr. Xie asks us to copy the draft and search information in the following days.
9 Subject: Getting back
Time: 2006-10-26
Activity: this is the first day after our Oct Holiday, we modify our project draft into different versions. After communication, we set a more comprehensive project plan.
10 Subject: material collection
Time: 2006-10-20
Activity: these days, we edit the material and type it into computer. We are quite busy but also happy.
11 Subject: changing titles
Time: 2006-10-25
Activity: these days, our instructor read the material and advises to shorten the titles, otherwise our web pages looks dull. Then, we make some modification. He encourages us to modify some passages.
12Subject: modifying material
Time: 2006-10-30
Activity: after reading our material, we find some passage is not comprehensive, so we make a little modification. We want to show all the knowledge of Liupan Mountain and the Red Armies to others.
13 Subject: modifying material after searching information
Time: 2006-11-10
Activity: these days, we download pictures and material from internet, and look up books in our library. And then, we modify our material for seven or eight times.
14 Subject: preparation for interview
Time: 2006-11-11
Activity: in the past, what we know about the Long March is too general. We want to find some unfamiliar stories of the Long March happened in Ningxia, so we decide to make interview.
15 Subject: the plan of interview
Time: 2006-11-13
Activity: today, we plan to interview old soldier of the Red Armies and visit some tourist zone about the Long March.
16 Subject: contact the interviewees
Time: 2006-11-20
Activity: these days, our instructor helps us to contact Mr. Wu He-man (old soldier of the Red Armies) ; Mr Yu Gui-xiao and Mr Zhangming(the editor of Guyuan Daily).
17 Subject: consider the questions in interview
Time: 2006-11-21
Activity: these days, we consider the questions in interview.
18 Subject: identify the place of interview
Time: 2006-11-27
Activity: these days, we identify the place of interview; make sure their tel numbers and how to get there.
19 Subject: determine the visiting places
Time: 2006-11-28
Activity: today, we determine to visit Liupan Mountain, Shanjiaji, Jiangtaibao and other famous sites in the Long March.
20 Subject: make plan of visiting
Time: 2006-12-5
Activity: these days, we are modifying our interview plan while making plan of visiting.
21 Subject: remodify the plan of interview
Time: 2006-12-12
Activity: these days, we modify the plan of interview and visiting for several times to avoid ignoring something.
22 Subject: figure out the budget
Time: 2006-12-15
Activity: today we confirm the plan of interview and visiting; calculate the fee for activity, including having meals, tickets for visiting, and traffic. The total expenditure is RMB 1300.
23 Subject: apply for the budget
Time: 2006-12-17
Activity: yesterday, our instructor wrote an application for the budget, however, the headmaster was absent. Today we will hand it to him.
24 Subject: arrange time for interview
Time: 2006-12-28
Activity: as we live in mountain area, the traffic is not convenient. We arrange the interviews in one day.
25 Subject: interview
Time: 2006-12-29
Activity: it is snowing. We starts our journey at 7 o'clock in the morning. We interview Mr. Wu He-man (old soldier of the Red Armies) ; Mr Yu Gui-xiao and Mr Zhangming(the editor of Guyuan Daily). When we go home, it is already 7:30 in the evening. What impresses us most is when we ask Mr Wu whether he was afraid of being a soldier in the Red Armies, his answer is that "I am never afraid of being a soldier".
26 Subject: collect interview record
Time: 2006-12-30
Activity: today I classify our interview record.
27 Subject: preparation for visiting Long March sites
Time: 2007-1-1
Activity: today we confirm the plan of our visiting route, consider the questions and arrange a car for tomorrow's activity.
28 Subject: visiting Long March sites
Time: 2007-1-3
Activity: yesterday, we went to visit Liupan Mountain, Red Army's Long March Museum, Red Army's Long March Pavilion, Chairman Mao's poet-creating platform, caves dwelling ever lived by Chairman Mao, Shanjiaji and Jiangtaibao. Liupan Mountain has always been a place contested by all strategists and during the world-famous Long March, the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army led by Mao Zedong climbed successfully on this last high mountain in October 1935 with poem titled "Mount Liupan(Qingpingyue - Liupan Mountain)" written down. Since then, the Liupan Mountain has become one of famous mountains in the modern revolution history of China. Standing on the top of mountain, we could see Red Army's Long March Museum andRed Army's Long March Pavilion, in which we taste the hardship of the Long March. Climbing down from the mountain, we visit caves dwelling ever lived by Chairman Mao in Xiaochagou Village. When we returned to Guyuan County, it was already 8 o'clock in the evening. In the next morning, we leave for Shanjiaji and Jiangtaibao and then the Shanyi mosque lived by Chairman Mao. In the afternoon, we came back to school.
29 Subject: write visiting report
Time: 2007-1-5
Activity: today we are busy with writing visiting report and classifying relevant material
30 Subject: make the plan of "the Red Armies Publicity Week"
Time: 2007-1-6
Activity: we hope to organize an activity called "the Red Armies Publicity Week" in campus. With the school leader's help, we begin to design the plan and desire to arrange five activities to carry forward the Long March spirit.
31 Subject: the preparation for “the Red Armies Publicity Week”
Time: 2007-1-6
Activity: this is the last day for our preparation, as tomorrow the activity will start.
32 Subject: the first day of "the Red Armies Publicity Week"
Time: 2007-1-8
Activity: today is the first day of "the Red Armies Publicity Week".
33 Subject: the end of the Red Armies Publicity Week
Time: 2007-1-13
Activity: yesterday is the last day of the Red Armies Publicity Week. in that week, we organized four reports, one exhibition of pictures about the Red Armies' in the Long March and a knowledge competition. Most students get to learn more knowledge about the Long March. We are very happy.
34 Subject: enlarge the propaganda of the Long March
Time: 2007-1-14
Activity: after "the Red Armies Publicity Week", we decide to organize more activities to propagandize the Long March and Red Armies in our community.
35 Subject: web pages making
Time: 2007-1-15
Activity: we have a lot of material on hand. We begin to classify and key in the computer to make web pages.
36 Subject: near completion of our web site
Time: 2007-1-20
Activity: these days, we are busy with making web sites. Every day we work from 7 o'clock in the morning to 1 o'clock in the following day. We feel a little dizzy. According to our schedule, we will finish our web site tomorrow. How excited we are!

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007